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USDA symposium on natural resource management to offset greenhouse gas emissions

USDA Forest Service ‑ Southern Research Station

In response to global warming, there is a need for identifying how terrestrial ecosystems can be managed to optimize carbon sequestration and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Therefore, the purposes of this meeting are to:

  1. present recent research on management options for increased storage of terrestrial carbon;

  2. present monitoring information on current terrestrial carbon stocks;

  3. present new and innovative technologies and methodologies for measuring and monitoring carbon stock in terrestrial ecosystems;

  4. present economic projections for alternative carbon sequestration practices in different terrestrial ecosystems; and

  5. provide a panel forum for discussing the policy implications of scientific carbon research findings.

This symposium will examine natural resource management opportunities for sequestering atmospheric CO2 across multiple biomes. Included in the scope of this symposium are the following ecosystems: forest, agriculture, range, tundra, desert, grassland, and wetland.

The meeting will bring together and be informational to research scientists, land managers, and policy makers studying carbon sequestration.

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