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Chemical society convenes regional meeting in Lawrence, Kan., Oct. 23-25

American Chemical Society


The American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, will convene its 37th Midwest regional meeting, Oct. 23-25, in Lawrence, Kan. Over 330 scientific presentations will be made and approximately 600 scientists and students will attend the meeting at the University of Kansas, Kansas Union Building, 785-864-4651.

In addition to in-depth scientific presentations, several significant awards will be presented at the meeting:

  • Janice P. Crowley of Wichita Collegiate Upper School in Wichita, Kan., will be honored on Oct. 24 with the ACS Regional Award in High School Chemistry Teaching for her commitment to science education. She has coached winning Science Olympiad teams at the local, state and national levels and expanded the resources available to her students through research grants and laboratory equipment purchases. Crowley also has been active in community outreach programs.
  • Kristin Bowman-James of the University of Kansas in Lawrence will receive the ACS Women Chemists Committee Regional Award for Contributions to Diversity on Oct. 24 for her academic leadership as the chemistry department chair. She facilitated curriculum expansion and increased the number of faculty women in the department. She also provided research leadership in inorganic chemistry.
  • Michael Gross of Washington University in St. Louis will receive the ACS Midwest Regional Award for research on Oct. 24. He has written over 400 scientific articles and book chapters, edited or co-edited four books and trained over 80 graduate students, postdoctoral associates and staff. During his career, which includes 26 years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he has made notable contributions to the field of mass spectrometry. The award, presented by the St. Louis local section of the American Chemical Society, consists of a medal and a $2000 honorarium.

    Other highlights include the following symposia and sessions:

    Wednesday, Oct. 23
    7 -10 p.m.

    • Differences in the chemical composition of dissolved organic carbon in a Prairie Pothole ecosystem (Marla F. Williams, South Dakota State University, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Brookings, S.D., 605-688-4782,
    • Leaching of lead from cathode ray tubes (Ralph W. Sheets, Southwest Missouri State University, Department of Chemistry, Springfield,

    Thursday, Oct. 24
    10 a.m.-10 p.m.
    Kansas, Centennial, English and Big 12 rooms, and the Ballroom

    • Representational competence and chemical understanding as a basis for problem solving (Patty Kreikemeir, SRI, Center for Technology in Learning, Menlo Park, Calif.,
    • The use of analytical chemistry in the discovery and development of genomics-based human protein drugs (Melissa D. Perkins, Human Genome Sciences, Inc., Rockville, Md., 301-545-1060, ext 4019,
    • Does multimedia improve student achievement in chemistry? (Elizabeth Hansen, University of Missouri-St. Louis,
    • More than just protecting the environment ... teaching about the environment (Margaret E. Wickham St. Germain, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7, Kansas City, Mo., 913-551-7209,
    • Making Connections: a program to encourage high school students to study chemistry (Jesse C. Moore, Friends University, Wichita, Kan., 316-267-3828,
    • Analysis of basic pharmaceutical compounds in the aquatic environment by LC/MS/MS (Kimberly D. Bratton, University of Kansas, Department of Chemistry, Lawrence, 785-864-4220,
    • The use of fats and oils as a phage change material to store and release energy (William R. Sutterlin, University of Missouri-Columbia, 573-882-5422,
    • Production of PM-149: a high specific activity radioisotope for therapy (Cathy S. Cutler, University of Missouri-Columbia,
    • Towards cocaine treatment: phenyl-norbornane analogs (Michael S. Day, Jr., Midwest Research Institute, Kansas City, Mo., 816-753-7600, ext. 1229,
    • Combinatorial method yields potential novel disease-resistance strategy (Sarah A. Mounter, University of Missouri-Columbia, Plant Microbiology & Pathology,
    • Antifungal sesamol derivatives (Gerald Caple, University of South Dakota, Vermilllion, 218-388-0533,

    Friday, Oct. 25
    11:15 a.m.
    Pine room

    • LC-NMR and LC-MS/MS for the structural elucidation of ciprofloxacin and its aquatic transformation products (Cynthia K. Larive, University of Kansas, Department of Chemistry, Lawrence, 785-864-4269,

    The general chair of the meeting is Robert Carlson, University of Kansas, Lawrence, 785-864-3586,

    The program chairs for the meeting are Cynthia Larive and Joseph Heppert of the University of Kansas, Lawrence. Cynthia can be reached at 785-864-4269,, and Joseph can be reached at 785-864-4150,


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