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Clinical Trials Litigation: Legal & Ethical Issues in Human Subjects Research

Brooklyn Law School

Center For Health Law and Policy Presents Clinical Trials Litigation:
A Conversation on Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Subjects Research

Nearly 3 million Americans volunteer annually to be human subjects in clinical research projects. These clinical trials are integral in determining whether new drugs and therapies will prove effective in curing an array of diseases and saving millions of lives. The growing number of reported deaths and research violations that have resulted from these clinical research trials however, have caused the closing of several major research institutions this year and raised critical questions about how to protect the safety of human subjects.

On Thursday, October 3, Brooklyn Law School's Center for Health Law and Policy will present a program that examines the legal and ethical questions surrounding the safety of human subjects in clinical research projects while examining the status of existing litigation in this area.

Participating in the program are Alan C. Milstein, the leading practitioner in clinical trials litigation. He is currently handling a number of lawsuits around the country that are based on novel and traditional tort theories. Joining Mr. Milstein is Professor Harold S. H. Edgar, Director of the Julius Silver Program in Law, Science and Technology at Columbia University. Professor Edgar has written and lectured extensively on the intersection of law, medicine, and technology.

The program will be held from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. in the Subotnick Center at Brooklyn Law School, 250 Joralemon Street.

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