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Britain to showcase science excellence at AAAS Annual Meeting

British Information Services

British Information Services

British science excellence will be on show at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting in Denver, 13 to 18 February 2003. For the first time the British Government will have an official presence to explain the strengths of Britain's science, and Britain's role as America's number one partner for science and technology.

Fifty years ago in Cambridge, UK, British and American scientists solved the double helix structure of DNA - the molecule of life. Five years ago, Britain and America led the project to sequence the human genome. Today the partnership between Britain and America has never been closer.

A team from the British Government's Science and Technology Network in North America will be manning booth #228 throughout the meeting. Their role is to promote Britain's science and technology achievements and to encourage international collaboration, inward investment and trade. They also inform British science policy by reporting on developments in North America. Also present will be representatives from InvestUK, and the British Council, promoting science education in the UK.

The British presence at AAAS includes a number of top British scientists who will be speaking at the meeting. Also attending are 53 students from Oundle School, England. The school, founded in 1556, has a keen focus on the latest developments in science and technology. Many of the students are planning undergraduate study and careers in science and attend during a week of vacation.

Science matters in Britain. With only 1% of the world's population, Britain funds 4.5% of the world's science and produces 13% of the most cited scientific papers. One in five of the world's top 75 medicines were discovered and developed in Britain. Britain has produced 10 Nobel Science Laureates in the last 15 years. Government funding for science will have doubled between 1998 and 2005.


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1. For more details visit The British Science and Technology team can be found at Booth # 228 in the exhibition hall. The team are located throughout the US in Washington DC, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as Ottawa in Canada.

2. For information on the DNA 50th anniversary and British celebratory events visit

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