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Two computer science faculty members at UC Riverside receive NSF CAREER awards

University of California - Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- ( -- Srikanth Krishnamurthy and Eamonn Keogh, both assistant professors in the department of computer science and engineering, have each received a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award.

The CAREER Program targets outstanding new faculty who intend to develop academic careers involving both research and education. Junior faculty are strongly urged to apply for this award.

Krishnamurthy will receive a total of $467,002 over five years to fund his efforts to increase the efficiency of wireless ad hoc networks, which are units that organize themselves into a network and dynamically reconfigure the network as nodes move. His research is geared towards tuning transmission power levels or the use of specialized antennas for increasing the efficiency of networking protocols in such networks. Applications would include disaster recovery situations, and communication between vehicles for purposes such as automatic traffic control.

"I am honored to receive the award and excited to be able to do the research I have wanted to do," said Krishnamurthy. "The award will undoubtedly facilitate the smooth sailing of our research activities and help us design and implement the new protocols that we have proposed and, of course, publish and present our work in international conferences of repute."

Keogh's award of $400,000 over sixty months focuses his research on time series, or the analysis of sequential measurements to discern patterns which can provide information. Time series studies may be applied to a wide variety of activities: stock prices, approval ratings of politicians, water levels, telemetry from the Space Shuttle, etc. Keogh seeks to develop efficient algorithms, or computer processes, that can be used to "mine" time series hidden in the huge amounts of data collected in fields such as finance, industry and medicine. Information buried in this archived data could have impact in a broad range of areas, including cardiology, industry, astronomy, bioinformatics and anthropology.

"Apart from providing money to do research, the award provides an external endorsement of my work," said Keogh. "The prestige of a career award is understood not just in America, but also worldwide. The funding will allow us to pursue some research, that otherwise might be difficult to fund."


The Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) at UC Riverside is well known for its research in embedded systems and networking in computer science, for environmental sciences (e.g., low emission vehicles, air pollution research), nanotechnology and research in intelligent systems. BCOE includes four departments: chemical & environmental engineering, computer science & engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

The University of California, Riverside offers undergraduate and graduate education to nearly 16,000 students and has a projected enrollment of 21,000 students by 2010. It is the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse campus of the preeminent ten-campus University of California system, the largest public research university system in the world. The picturesque 1,200-acre campus is located at the foot of the Box Springs Mountains near downtown Riverside in Southern California. More information about UC Riverside is available at or by calling 909-787-5185. For a listing of faculty experts on a variety of topics, please visit

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