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Proteomics, genomics topics for November ACS ProSpectives' conference

American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, will hold this year's last ACS ProSpectives conference on Nov. 9-12 at the Lansdowne Conference Center, Leesburg, Va., on "Rendering Biological Knowledge from Proteomics and Genomics." The 2004 conference schedule will be announced soon.

Volumes of data are generated from proteomics and genomics technologies. Are scientists burying themselves in details or are they simply gathering information that will help them better understand how biological systems can be modulated (new targets) and monitored (biomarkers)? These questions will be addressed at the conference.

Among the specific topics to be covered are: experimental data generated from multiple technologies, intercellular dynamic biology, intercellular or organism behavior, simulation and models, data production from technology, data analysis and interference and disease characterized by proteomics.

Ruth Van Bogelen of Pfizer and Eric Neumann of Beyond Genomics are chairs for the meeting.

ACS ProSpectives is a series of small conferences for senior-level industry scientists. Each conference examines a field's important topics through presentations by its foremost researchers.

Space is limited for these meetings. Attendance at the conferences is limited to 200 or fewer to facilitate easy interaction among the speakers and those attending. From 20-25 leading experts in each field participate in a given conference. The conferences are in addition to the Society's two national meetings and its eight to ten regional meetings held every year.

Further details about the conferences, including instructions on how to register and arrange lodging, are available on This site is updated regularly with the latest information about upcoming ACS ProSpectives conferences.

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