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Training GPs to manage obesity does not affect weight loss

Improving management of obesity in primary care: cluster randomised trial BMJ Volume 327, pp 1085-8


The usefulness of providing training in obesity management to general practice teams is questioned by researchers in this week's BMJ.

Moore and colleagues evaluated the impact of a training programme intended to improve the management of obesity. The study involved 44 general practices (22 completed the training and 22 acted as controls) and 843 obese adult patients. Control practices were asked to provide usual care to their patients.

After 12 months, there was no difference in weight between those patients attending trained practices and controls.

Implementation of obesity management was low and did not achieve improved patient weight loss, say the authors. Other strategies to manage obesity in primary care urgently need to be considered and evaluated. These might include motivated and dedicated obesity specialists, use of leisure services, and use of the commercial weight loss sector.


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