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Committee on disabilities research announces progress and recommendations

Latest report sent to the President and Congress

National Science Foundation

Arlington, Va.--The Interagency Committee on Disability Research (ICDR), in its latest report to the President and Congress, announces progress in several areas including rehabilitation, technology transfer, dissemination of disability statistics, and efforts to break down barriers to the disabled in education, the workforce, and public facilities.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an active partner of the ICDR, the multi-agency body that coordinates federal efforts in disability research and ensures wide public access to research results.

The report also contains recommendations for future direction, including efforts to improve communication between the ICDR and the public through a web portal and other means. Information on the ICDR is available at their website, An electronic version of the report is available at:


The following websites provide additional information on the disabilities research programs NSF supports:
Biomedical Engineering and Research to Aid Persons with Disabilities
Human-Computer Interaction
Computer Vision
Universal Access
Digital Society and Technologies
Program for Persons with Disabilities
Small Business Innovation Research program

NSF disabilities research expert and ICDR liaison: Gil Devey, 703-292-7943,

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NSF PA/M03-48

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