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Information note: PPARC funding of the linear collider

Science and Technology Facilities Council

Recent articles in The Sunday Times [23 November 2003] and Research Fortnight [26 November 2003] stated that the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council [PPARC] has received £700M from government for the Linear Collider, the next generation particle physics accelerator.

This statement is incorrect. PPARC has not received funding for construction from the UK government for this future project, nor has PPARC made any announcement or made any statement that implies that such funding is imminent.

There is consensus in the world's particle physics community that the Linear Collider is the highest priority for the next accelerator and that there should be a single global machine.

PPARC wants the UK to be a significant player in its design and construction, and is ramping-up its R&D investment, including R&D funding from SR2002 in accelerator research. In collaboration with other potential international partners PPARC is in the process of evaluating the options for the technology, the site and the funding in order to enable governments to make decisions to proceed to construction of the project around 2007. If approved it is envisaged that the Linear Collider would be operational by the middle of the next decade.


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