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Green and sustainable chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry

The first international conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry was held in Tokyo in March. The Tokyo Statement (Paul Anastas, Shun-Ichi Murahashi) and papers from a variety of renowned international experts - from academia and industry - are now available in print and on-line in the new Special Issue of Green Chemistry (Volume 5, Issue 5) resulting from this meeting.

In the Plenary Lecture M. Fitzpatrick (Rohm & Haas, USA) spoke on Green and Sustainable Chemistry: Driving Success through Collaboration (the importance of collaborations between various sectors was stressed; e.g. external collaborations between industry and NGO, and internal collaborations within the industrial sectors) and T. Nishide (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan) spoke on Green & Sustainable Chemistry in Japan.

The lectures and speakers were as follows:

Pfizer s Vision on Green and Sustainable Chemistry - B. Cue (Pfizer Inc, USA) Sustainable Development and Profitable Growth-Challenges for a Global Chemical Corporation - D. Nissen (BASF, Germany) Sumitomo Chemical and Sustainable Development - A. Kosai (Sumitomo Chemicals, Japan) Green Chemistry and Catalysis for Sustainable Organic Synthesis - R. Sheldon (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands) Microbial Systems for Production of Polyesters and Polyamides from Renewable Resources - A. Steinbuechel (Muenster University, Germany) Sustainable Chemical Technology and the Importance of Information Infrastructure - H. Komiyama (University of Tokyo, Japan) Greening of Chemistry: Environmental Challenges for Chemists - R. Breslow (Columbia University, USA) DuPont s R&D Strategy for Green Chemistry for Sustainable Growth - T. Connelly (DuPont, USA)

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Green and Sustainable Chemistry's aims are defined as innovative chemical technology to minimize the consumption of depletive resources and the discharge of wastes through the life cycle of chemical products and processes, and to secure the health and safety of mankind and the environment.

Green Chemistry is a peer-review journal focussing on all research that attempts to reduce the environmental impact of the chemical enterprise by developing a technology base that is inherently non-toxic to living things and the environment. From January 2004 the journal will be published monthly.

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