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Nobel prize winner Dr. Anthony Leggett merges quantum computing theory and application in new book

With leading Italian Physicist Dr. Berardo Ruggiero and information engineering luminary Dr. Paolo Silverstrini, Dr. Leggett fuses a comprehensive exploration of quantum theory with practical application

Kluwer Academic Publishers

Kluwer Academic Publishers today announced the anticipated release of 2003 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Anthony Leggett's book Quantum Computing and Quantum Bits in Mesoscopic Systems. Co-edited with Dr. Berardo Ruggiero of the Instituto di Cibernetica del CNR in Italy and Dr. Paolo Silverstini of the Seconda Universita degli Studi di Napoli in Aversa, Italy, the book is heralded as a comprehensive work on theoretical quantum physics and a significant leap forward in its practical implementation.

"The impressive aspect of this book is that it brings together, in such a timely fashion, theoretical quantum physics with the practical implementation of quantum computing and information processing devices, discussing fabrication through characterization to the final basic implementation of quantum computing," said Michael Penn of Kluwer Academic Publishers. "In a time when so much funding is being allocated to nanotechnology research, investors want to see practical results, and this book presents a significant step forward in the realization of practical application of quantum computing and information processing devices. We congratulate Dr. Leggett and his colleagues on this important work."

On the theoretical side, Quantum Computing and Quantum Bits in Mesoscopic Systems provides models of the various mesostructures and of their response to external control signals, addressing the thorny problem of minimizing decoherence.

The book presents an improved understanding of the formal theory of quantum information encoding and manipulation.

On the experimental side, the book reports on recent and previous observations of quantum behavior in several physical systems, coherently coupled Bose-Einstein condensates, quantum dots, superconducting quantum interference devices, Cooper pair boxes, and electron pumps in the context of the Josephson effect.

Other topics include: Quantum Phenomena in Superconducting Devices (phase- and charge-space), Nanodevices, Dissipation and Docoherence in Mesoscopic Systems, and Macroscopic Quantum Coherence in Physical Systems, including: NMR, Quantun Dots, Ions, Magnetic Systems, and Bose-Einstein Condensation.


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