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Chemical Science

Royal Society of Chemistry

Drawing together the research highlights and news from all Royal Society of Chemistry publications, 'Chemical Science' provides a 'snapshot' of the latest developments across the chemical sciences, showcasing newsworthy articles as well as the most significant scientific advances. It will appear monthly as a free supplement in the front of Chemical Communications, Dalton Transactions, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry and Journal of Materials Chemistry. It is also available free online.

The first issue includes the following highlights:

  • Sports drug testing - an analyst's perspective, by Graham J. Trout and Rymantas Kazlauskas (from Chemical Society Reviews);
  • Electrostatically arranged cytochrome c-fullerene photoelectrodes, by Israel Zilbermann, Andrew Lin, Maria Hatzimarinaki, Andreas Hirsch and Dirk M. Guldi (from Chemical Communications);
  • Structural study by transmission and scanning electron microscopy of the time-dependent structural change in M41S mesoporous silica (MCM-41 to MCM-48, and MCM-50), by Isabel Díaz, Joaquin Pérez-Pariente and Osamu Terasaki (from Journal of Materials Chemistry);
  • A molecular switchboard--covalent modifications to proteins and their impact on transcription, by Nelly Khidekel and Linda C. Hsieh-Wilson (from Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry) and
  • 'hot papers' from a number of other RSC journals.


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