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A new booklet from FINUPHY (Frontiers in Nuclear Physics) Nature at the femto-scale

A non-expert's guide to European research into the nucleus and its applications


Scientists already explore and manipulate our everyday world at the nano-scale of atoms and molecules. Now, we are poised to make a leap in our understanding of the complexities of matter to an even smaller scale - that of the atomic nucleus - at the femto-level of one million-billionth of a metre.

We still know very little about the thousands of kinds of nuclei that might exist. From the many, yet small fraction of nuclear varieties studied, it is clear that they often behave in unusual and surprising ways that reveal the most fundamental properties of the Universe at the deepest level.

Discoveries in nuclear science are already leading to significant applications such as new medical treatments and analytical techniques; uncovering novel nuclear behaviour may even result in new kinds of safe energy. Nuclear studies are also shedding light on how elements formed in stars, and became the building blocks of our world and ourselves.

Research into nuclei relies on complex equipment at specialised laboratories, and Europe is at the forefront of developing a new generation of advanced facilities.

To explain the exciting programme of European nuclear research, FINUPHY has produced a booklet which presents the science and applications at a non-expert level.

We hope you find this useful in keeping up to date in this burgeoning field of 21st-century science and technology.

Further information can be obtained from:
Professor Brian Fulton
Tel: 44-0-190-443-2217
Physics Department
Sec: -44-0-190-443-2201
University of York
Fax: 44-0-190-443-2214
York YO10 5DD

Copies of the booklet can be obtained through Dieter Müller at GSI, Darmstadt in Germany.

Dieter Müller
Gesellschaft für Scherionenforschung
Planckstrasse 1
64201 Darmstadt

The booklet can also be downloaded from the FINUPHY website


Frontiers In NUclear PHYsics (FINUPHY) is an Infrastructure Cooperation Network supported by the European Commission under its Fifth Framework Programme (FP5). It includes representatives from 12 research institutes in nuclear physics. FINUPHY ran from 1 October 2000 to 30 September 2004.

FINUPHY aims to promote collaboration and coordination between the research institutes through regular round table meetings, and through joint scientific and technological activities and studies. It also promotes information on advances in research and technical development programmes in nuclear physics.

FINUPHY is particularly interested in education and public outreach and supports the PANS (Public Awareness of Nuclear Science) activity. This booklet is a further contribution by FINUPHY to communicate to a wider audience the wide-ranging and exciting programme of nuclear science carried out in Europe.


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