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Ernest Mancini to receive AGI's distinguished Ian Campbell Award

Dr. Ernest Mancini to receive AGI's most prominent award

American Geosciences Institute

Alexandria, VA - The 2004 Ian Campbell Award, the American Geological Institute's most distinguished award, is to be presented to Dr. Ernest A. Mancini for his contributions to academia, industry and government both as a leader and public servant. He has made numerous contributions to the leadership, management and activities of AGI's member societies such as the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature and the Geological Society of America.

After receiving his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University, Mancini worked for a variety of agencies including the Alabama State Geology Survey and the state's Oil and Gas Board. He served as State Geologist, which eventually led him to the presidency of the American Association of State Geologists.

Twenty years after working with the state survey, Mancini found a desire to expand his knowledge of geology beyond state borders and thus returned to the academic world where he began teaching for the University of Alabama. This not only allowed him to focus on his own research interests in oil and gas, but also gave him the opportunity to assist graduate students, much in the way he remembered being helped as a student himself.

As the current director of the Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies at the University of Alabama, Mancini has graduated three doctorates with four more working on their degrees and another candidate to arrive next year. His current fieldwork in Wyoming, Texas and Louisiana is investigating how to prolong the life of an oil well.

Mancini's exceptional commitment and dedication to the geological sciences has distinguished him amongst professional scientists. His various roles in the geosciences exemplify the goal of the prestigious Ian Campbell award which is given in recognition of singular performance in and contribution to the profession of geology. Mancini will receive recognition at the American Geological Institute Friends of AGI Reception and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 9 in Denver, Colo.


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