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Language Weaver announces Version 3.0, major upgrade to its statistical machine translation software

Significant upgrade focuses on quality and speed improvements

Language Weaver

LOS ANGELES - Feb. 20, 2005 - At the AAAS conference in Washington, DC, executives from Language Weaver, Inc., a software company developing statistical machine translation software (SMTS) for the automation of human language translation, today announced general availability of a significant application upgrade to its software, version 3.0. The noteworthy architecture changes in this version focus on material improvements to speed, accuracy, ease-of-use, and translation quality; most notably, translation throughput speed is improved 5 to 10 times over previous versions.

New or improved features include:

  • Significant improvement in translation quality
  • Translation speed improvement of 5 to 10 times over previous versions
  • Source encoding auto-detection, which can be overridden by the user if preferred
  • Dramatically improved ability to take advantage of multi-processor systems and Hyper-Threading
  • Downloading and translation of Secure Socket Layer (SSL: https://) sites

Dr. Daniel Marcu, a founder and the COO of Language Weaver, speaking on a panel at the AAAS conference with Dr. Kevin Knight, co-founder and chief scientist, said, "As always, we wish to remain responsive to our customers' needs. As the quality of the software continues to improve, everyone keeps saying 'Make it faster,' so we did. We anticipate this will meet or exceed their expectations."

Language Weaver has upgraded all language pairs to be compatible with the new application software. Those customers upgrading from a previous version who want to replace their language pair CDs should contact Language Weaver for pricing discounts. The server version operates on Windows 2003 server and Windows 2000 Advance Server (SP3+). The standalone version operates on Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000.

Language Weaver's SMTS offers a significant departure from traditional rule-based machine translation systems by producing fluent, natural sounding translations. By learning automatically from existing translated documents, this advanced technology reviews previously unseen text and translates it from language to language using statistical algorithms to produce the highest probability output. Language Weaver's SMTS technology can save customers money and time through automation of the translation process, with the ability to translate in less than one minute the quantity of material that could take a human translator more than a day to produce.

About Language Weaver, Inc.
Language Weaver was founded in 2002 to commercialize a unique approach to automatic language translation using proprietary statistical translation algorithms that resulted from 20 person-years of invention and development at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (USC/ISI). Its resulting product, statistical machine translation software, provides the highest quality output to date from machine translation. The company has more than 50 patents pending on its SMTS technology worldwide. Bidirectional language pairs available include: Arabic/English, Chinese/English, French/English, and Spanish/English; unidirectional languages include Somali to English and Hindi to English. Language Weaver's software is available as licensed software in server and standalone versions. Website:


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