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Launch of Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry announced

BioMed Central

San Diego, CA.: The prestigious Beilstein-Institut today announced the launch of the first major Open Access journal for organic chemistry. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry will be published by the Beilstein-Institut in co-operation with BioMed Central, the Open Access publisher. The peer-reviewed online journal will begin publication during 2005, and a call for papers, providing full information for authors, will be issued in May.

Director of the Beilstein-Institut Martin Hicks made the announcement at the American Chemical Society 229th Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. Professor Jonathan Clayden, of the University of Manchester, has been confirmed as the Editor-in-Chief, and an international editorial advisory board is also being appointed.

The Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry will publish outstanding original research on all aspects of organic chemistry and related disciplines. Areas covered in the journal will include: organic synthesis, organic reactions and mechanisms, natural products chemistry and chemical biology, organic materials and macro- and supramolecular organic chemistry.

As an Open Access journal, the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry will offer the international community of organic chemists the opportunity to make their research results freely available immediately on publication, and permanently available in the public archives of science.

The journal will publish full research articles and short communications, as well as occasional reviews and commentary articles. Supplementary data will also be published. There will be particular emphasis on speed of publication and on presentation of the articles in a chemically intelligent way. The journal will be made freely available online, while an annual print archival edition will be available for purchase at cost.

The Beilstein-Institut is committed to improving communication among chemists and will support the journal financially, including the publishing costs, to enable the journal to be open access without charge to authors.

Just as Beilstein has been synonymous with high quality scientific publishing for over two centuries, so BioMed Central has become synonymous with high-quality, online Open Access publishing in the biomedical disciplines, and is now making its publishing expertise available to new fields. BioMed Central now publishes over 130 Open Access journals, and will provide the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry with a complete publishing system, maintain and host the journal.

Together these two organizations will ensure that the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry offers authors, readers and libraries the highest quality service.


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