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Children's Hospital & Research Ctr. at Oakland's DNA library helps to map the sex chromosome

Hospital's Research Institute has one of the best and largest DNA libraries in the world

Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland

March, 17, 2005- Oakland, CA.- Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland's DNA library was used to duplicate strands of DNA for an international team of scientists to generate the most complete analysis of the X chromosome. The landmark study is published in the March 17th issue of Nature. The human X chromosome is the most important chromosome for scientists to understand because the X chromosome is linked to more than 300 diseases - by far the highest proportion of any other chromosome.

Scientists at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute are recognized world leaders for perfecting a technique that uses harmless bacteria to make many copies of long strands of fragile DNA. The DNA must be stabilized before it can be introduced into the bacterial cells. Once introduced into the cells, the bacteria are then tricked into reproducing and generate billions of identical bacterial cells containing the same human DNA strand and are now present in colonies. Each colony represents one type of DNA fragment. The genetic information of the genes is derived through the analysis of these fragments in a process known as "DNA sequencing". This process was used to help a team of international scientists map the X chromosome.

"Our DNA library has become a major resource for ongoing global research in the genetics of human diseases," said Pieter de Jong, PhD, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute scientist and director of the DNA library. "One of the research projects that our scientists at CHORI will be using the DNA library for is to investigate the genetic differences that make certain people susceptible to inherited forms of Lou Gehrig's Disease," said Dr. de Jong.

The hospital's recombinant DNA library has more than 20 million DNA samples that are used in research programs around the world.


About Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland

Children's Hospital & Research Center at Oakland is a designated Level I pediatric trauma center and the largest pediatric critical care facility in the region. The hospital has 170 licensed beds and 166 hospital-based physicians in 30 specialties, two thousand employees, and an operating budget of $200 million. With more than 300 basic and clinic investigators and an annual budget of over $43 million, the research institute has made significant progress in areas including pediatric obesity, cancers, sickle cell disease, AIDS/HIV, hemophilia and cystic fibrosis.

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