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Conservation International and AF&PA join forces to form 'Alliance to Combat Illegal Logging'

Projects to closely support President Bush's initiative against illegal logging

Conservation International

The American Forest & Paper Association and Conservation International today announced the creation of the Alliance to Combat Illegal Logging. The group will work to put a stop to illegal logging in protected areas in regions of global environmental significance or where a significant proportion of global illegal logging is currently carried out.

The Alliance will support priorities in the President's Initiative Against Illegal Logging (PIAIL), which emphasizes identifying and reducing threats to protected forest areas through good governance (including effective enforcement), community-based actions, technology transfer and harnessing market forces.

As part of its strategy, the Alliance have identified a number of key areas in which it intends to work including:

  • Harnessing remote sensing technology to combat commercial scale illegal logging in globally significant national parks and protected areas;

  • Strengthening enforcement to suppress commercial scale illegal logging in protected areas and develop effective deterrents;

  • Building support in producer countries among responsible, local forest sector companies and other interested parties to promote good governance in the forest sector; and

  • Reducing illegal logging pressure by encouraging legal reform and targeting of development assistance to create livelihood alternatives

"This effort will greatly improve detection of illegal logging and aid in prosecution of wrong-doers," says W. Henson Moore, President and CEO of the American Forest & Paper Association. "This collaboration with Conservation International is in line with our dedication to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® program, which, as a condition of participation, has a commitment to stamp out illegal logging around the world. Our industry continues to lead the way in this endeavor."

"From providing raw materials to mitigating the harmful effects of climate change, the world's forests provide incalculable benefits to mankind," said Peter Seligmann, Chairman and CEO of Conservation International. "Stopping illegal logging requires innovative partnerships like the one between Conservation International and the AF&PA to ensure that all major stakeholders recognize the environmental, social and economic value in protecting our natural resources."


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