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Selected Abstracts (white section)

Rel 1-"Growing Your Own Replacement Teeth? Not Science Fiction!" (Abst. #32, 36, 386, 3634, 3636)

Rel 2-"Alcohol Intervention Attempted for Violent Males" (Abst. #207)

Rel 3-"Access to Oral Health Care: Not a Level Playing Field" (Abst. #238-245, 783, 2757, 3177)

Rel 4-"Teen Athletes Continue Tobacco Use, Despite Severe Consequences" (Abst. #350, 351, 352)

Rel 5-"Put Culture in Your Life AND Reduce Bad Breath: Eat Yoghurt!" (Abst. #920)

Rel 6-"Lip Piercing Can Lead to Receding Gums" (Abst. #1080)

Rel 7-"'Study Finds Direct Association between Cardiovascular Disease and Periodontal Bacteria" (Abst. #1410)

Rel 8-"Forensic Dentistry Key in Identifying Victims of Tsunamis, Other Disasters" (Seq. #172)

Rel 9-"Radiography Used to Identify Teens with Sleep Apnea" (Abst. #2531)

Rel 10-"Dental Practitioners Can be Instrumental in Preventing Their Patients' Eating Disorders" (Abst. #2649)

Rel 11-"'Speaker's Cramp', a New Type of Involuntary Mouth-, Lip-muscle Movement (Abst. #3606)

2005 Distinguished Scientist Awards (goldenrod section)

SAW 1- Mary MacDougall is the recipient of the 2005 Award for Basic Research in Biological Mineralization.

SAW 2-R. Gary Rozier is the recipient of the 2005 H. Trendley Dean Award.

SAW 3-William Hylander is the recipient of the 2005 Craniofacial Biology Research Award.

SAW 4-Edwina Kidd is the recipient of the 2005 Research in Dental Caries Award.

SAW 5-Michael Curtis is the recipient of the 2005 Basic Research in Periodontal Disease Award.

SAW 6-E. Ignace Naert is the recipient of the 2005 Research in Prosthodontics and Implants Award.

SAW 7-George Eliades is the recipient of the 2005 Wilmer Souder Award.

SAW 8-Takafumi Kato is the recipient of the 2005 Young Investigator Award.

SAW 9-Martha Somerman is the recipient of the 2005 Research in Oral Biology Award.

SAW 10-Henry Magloire is the recipient of the 2005 Pulp Biology Research Award.

SAW 11-J. David Castle is the recipient of the 2005 Award for Salivary Research.

SAW 12-Paul Moore is the recipient of the 2005 Pharmacology, Therapeutics, & Toxicology Research Award.

SAW 13-Newell W. Johnson is the recipient of the 2005 Oral Medicine & Pathology Research Award.

SAW 14-Hannu Hausen is the recipient of the 2005 Behavioral Sciences & Health Services Research Award.

SAW 15-Jukka H. Meurman is the recipient of the 2005 Geriatric Oral Research Award.

Other Awards/Fellowships & Lectures/Symposia (green section)

IADR Distinguished Service Award - Tom Lehner
IADR Honorary Membership - David Ramsay
E.W. Borrow Memorial Award - George Stookey
The IADR David B. Scott Fellowship - Marina Stella Bello Silva
The John Gray Fellowship - Song Yaling
The Toshio Nakao Fellowship - Marcia Daronch

IADR/Lion Dental Research Award for Junior Investigators - Loc Giang Do and Salunya Tancharoen
The IADR/Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Awards - Olalekan Ayo-Yusuf, Rahena Akther, Raghad Hashim, Luigi Nibali, Petros Papagerakis, and Mairobys Socorro
The IADR/Unilever Division Travel Awards - L.C. Carneiro, M.N. Ngugi, M.I. Brusca, D.G. Olmedo, M.K. Arora, N. Ganashan, F. Artese, S.
Duarte, M. Dashash, J. Mason, N. Willmott, K. Savignac, D. Senadheera, R. Jia, X. Jiang, E. Coutinho, E. Martinez-Sanz, G. Spagnuolo, M.A. El-Gammal, O. Hunt, A. Haze-Filderman, D. Polak, K. Maeda, N. Nishida, A. Uehara, K. Yamashiro, K. Yoneno, J. Li, H. Myoung, M.M. Al-Melh, J.A. Aas, D.E. Costea, M.H. Goris, W.L. Ritz, S. Krisanaprakornkit, and X. Wu. The nine finalists from the AADR/Pfizer Hatton Awards Competition will also receive travel assistance in the form of an IADR/Unilever Division Travel Award.

IADR/GlaxoSmithKline Innovation in Oral Care Awards
- John Featherstone and co-workers, University of California, San Francisco, CA, USA; Peter Holbrook and co-workers, University of Iceland, Reykjavik; and Lin Tao and co-workers, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
- William J. Gies Award (for the best paper published in the Journal of Dental Research) -
-(Biological category) J.Q. Feng, H. Huang, Y. Lu, L. Ye, Y. Xie, T.W. Tsutsui, et al. (J Dent Res 82:776-780, 2003).
-(Biomaterials & Bioengineering category) W.L. Murphy, C.A. Simmons, D. Kaigler, and D.J. Mooney (J Dent Res 83:204-210, 2004).
-Clinical category) J.-W. Kim, J.P. Simmer, Y.Y. Hu, B.P.-L. Lin, C. Boyd, J.T. Wright, et al. (J Dent Res 83:378-383, 2004).

IADR/Unilever Hatton Awards Competition winners

These will be announced at the meeting and publicized at after the meeting.

Jack Hein Public Service Award - Linda Niessen

William B. Clark Fellowship in Clinical Research - Petros Papagerakis
National Student Research Group Mentor Award - Rena D'Souza
AADR/Pfizer Hatton Awards Competition, AADR Student Research Fellowship winners, and winners of the Caulk/Dentsply Competition
These will be announced at the meeting and publicized at after the meeting.

NIDCR Bloc Travel Grant Winners - Dominick Alongi, Thomas Bingham, Andrea Burke, Celimar Busquets, Chan Chang, Karindeep Chima, Jeffrey Chu, Andrew Cooper, Janelle Eckdahl, Vahid Eshraghi, Pedram Fakheri, C. Foster, Debra Gong, Cynthia Head, James Henderson, Jeremy Horst, Julia Javarone, Gloria Khoo, Dharmini Krishnadasan, Justin Liddle, Galinna Lin, Li-Ping Lin, Yi-Ping Liu, Linda Ly, Brock Martin, Paul McAllister, Emily Mehaffey, Matthew Miller, Ryan Morris, Bryan Nakfoor, Jolanta Nichols, Van Orenstein, Amit Patel, Rebecca Prescott, Annelise Preslan, Danish Oadri, Clark Smith, Toddrick Smith, Gary Tucker, Joe Vela, Vivian Wei, and Jennifer Wu.

Distinguished Lecture Series (Plenary Sessions) - presented by J. Bernard Machen (W.J. Gies Distinguished Scientist Lecture, Thursday), Elias A. Zerhouni (Friday), and M. Michael Cohen (Saturday)

Symposia/Hands-on Workshops (beginning Tuesday) (green section)

Keynote Addresses (beginning Wednesday) (green section)


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