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History of Earth Sciences Society joins AGI

American Geosciences Institute

ALEXANDRIA, VA - The History of Earth Sciences Society (HESS) joined the American Geological Institute (AGI), unanimously approved by the AGI Member Society Council, as the federation's 43rd member society. "Knowing the history and progressive nature of our field is an important component of understanding the development of theories and systems in earth sciences. We look forward to their participation in the federation," says AGI Executive Director, Marcus Milling.

HESS, formed in 1982, is an international society concerned with the advancement of the discipline and the various ways in which earth sciences has been perceived throughout history. Their goal is to bridge the gap between the humanities and sciences by bringing together earth scientists interested in the development of their field and historians interested in the geosciences. The international scope gives the society and its journal a wide breadth, and allows for the exchange of ideas and materials globally.

The development of the geological sciences during the 19th and 20th centuries is one of exploration, adventure and discovery. HESS celebrates this rich heritage and, until HESS' formation, historical figures and studies in geosciences lacked attention. HESS remedied this situation by creating its peer-reviewed journal, Earth Sciences History, which provides a venue for scholarly works in the field, filling an important void in geological literature. Many scientists and historians of note have contributed to Earth Sciences History, including William I. Ausich, Kenneth L. Taylor, Léo F. Laport, and Sally Newcomb, all of whom have helped the journal reflect the myriad aspects of geosciences, from plate tectonics to paleontology. AGI and its 42 other member societies welcome HESS to the federation and look forward to working together on issues of common concern in the geosciences. It is truly a pleasure to welcome HESS to the AGI family of societies. For more information about HESS and its journal, Earth Sciences History, visit


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