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Nanostructured Materials: Environmental, Energy and Sensing Applications

Nanostructured Materials Applications

Engineering Conferences International

Wew are pleased to announce the upcoming ECI conference on NANOSTRUCTURED MATERIALS: Environmental, Energy, and Sensing Applications, to be held September 18-22, 2005 at the Il Ciocco Hotel and Conference Center near Barga (Tuscany), Italy.

Recognizing that environmental problems are among the major concerns for the future of humanity, this conference will concentrate on improvements in materials science and technology that can have a favorable influence on the reduction of environmental impacts in several ways, in particular when size reduction at the nanometer scale can achieve unique properties.

To help the environment, chemical sensors are needed either to precisely control the pollutant concentration in the atmosphere or to control the gas concentrations of emissions of combustion processes for subsequent pollutant removal. In this direction, as an example of how the materials design is paramount, the use of nanostructured materials has been demonstrated to allow atmospheric monitoring with cheap chemoresistant sensors. The production of energy through fossil fuels combustion is a large contributor to pollution. New environmentally friendly devices for alternative production of energy must be developed to reduce environmental harm. The development of nanostructured materials can play a major role in devising advanced devices for applications such as solar cells, fuel cells, batteries, and capacitors. Further conference details can be found on the meeting web site.


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