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Patents for protein biomarker Discovery

Peakadilly receives multiple patents for breakthrough Protein biomarker discovery and identification technologies

Peakadilly nv

The patent offices of the United States of America and Canada have granted patents for Peakadilly's core technology, COFRADIC®. COFRADIC® allows the identification and quantification of proteins in any biological sample and represents the most important component of the company's MASStermind® biomarker discovery engine. Peakadilly has already received patents for the technology in Europe.

Peakadilly's proprietary proteomics technologies allow fast, automated and highly flexible and sensitive qualitative and quantitative proteomics without using gels and without the use of an affinity tag. Together with a novel serum depletion technology and state-of-the art mass spectrometry, Peakadilly's MASStermind® platform allows to analyse huge sets of proteins and posttranslational modified proteins in clinical samples like blood or sputum, offering unrivalled sensitivities and high content data unseen with genomics & transcriptomics. Using software tools developed in-house, the quantitative comparison of hundreds of samples is possible, making the technology suited for biomarker discovery within clinical trials. In collaboration with a big pharma company, the technology is currently being applied to distinguish responders from non-responders in a specific therapeutic regimen.

"We are extremely pleased with the decisions of the US, Canadian and European Patent Offices", says Dr Koen Kas, Chief Executive Officer at Peakadilly. "We are now able to operate on the world's most important pharmaceutical markets offering a proprietary platform for the discovery of protein biomarkers. The patent protection is an important milestone which opens up new opportunities for the marketing of our services and for the out-licensing of our technologies to partner companies."

PEAKADILLY is a Belgian biotech company focused on the discovery and development of next generation molecular diagnostics that will revolutionize the development of innovative treatments for cancer and inflammatory diseases, and that will make health care more personalized and predictive. The company was founded late 2004 by Dr. Koen Kas, Dr. Joel Vandekerckhove and VIB as a start-up from the Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) and Ghent University and today employs 12 people. Apart from research collaborations, Peakadilly provides access to its technology also in fee-for-service contracts.


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Koen Kas, CEO
Peakadilly nv
Technologiepark 4, B-9052 Ghent, Belgium
Tel.: +32 9 241 11 64

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