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Cell biologists applaud intelligent design ruling

ASCB President hails 'Dover' ruling as 'Great day for science education'

American Society for Cell Biology

"Yesterday was a great day for science education," said Zena Werb, President of The American Society for Cell Biology, in reaction to the ruling by U.S. District John Jones in Kitzmiller et al v. Dover Area School District. Judge Jones ruled that teaching "intelligent design" would violate the Constitutional separation of church and state.

"The ruling by Judge Jones preserves the notion that science classrooms are solely for the teaching of science," continued Werb. "When students open a science textbook, they need to know that the lessons they learn are based on evidence and not on simple belief. At the same time, science teachers need to feel confidant that the ideas that form the basis of their lesson plans have been tested by scientific peer-scrutiny and peer-review."


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