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Turf management education resource published

Practical information addresses the technology behind the use of soil wetting agents to improve water absorption on golf courses.

American Society of Agronomy

MADISON, WI, DECEMBER 15, 2005--A practical learning tool on soil wetting agents--the material applied to turf to improve water and nutrient absorption--can now be at your fingertips with the release of the Crop Science Society of America's "Soil Wetting Agents" presentation on CD.

If you've ever wondered how soil wetting agents work and if you also want to gain an understanding of soil water repellency, this "Soil Wetting Agents" CD provides the information in a detailed, animated, 4-color Power Point format complete with notes. The new CD provides an integrated introduction to water chemistry, how water moves in soils, soil water repellency, soil wetting agent technology, and the use of soil wetting agents to address water repellency.

Use of soil wetting agents is common practice, but a lack of basic applied information on soil water repellency and how wetting agents work has kept these topics from being addressed in turf management, soils, and irrigation education. "Soil Wetting Agents," sponsored by the Turfgrass Division of CSSA, was produced to educate those involved in all aspects of turfgrass, from those who are teaching students to those who are managing golf courses or athletic fields, to those who are selling or advising on product application.

"Soil Wetting Agents" includes 56 slides, and:

  • Combines disparate information on common turf maintenance phenomenon and management.
  • Fills an information gap for professors, students, and practicing turf advisors/managers.
  • Easy-to-use tool for staff training at golf courses, athletic fields and other turf facilities.
  • Multiple-use format is well suited for self or group study. Print out the presentation as a text with pictures or display the active animated presentation on a screen.

"A recent survey showed that 98% of all golf course superintendents use soil wetting agents to some extent. With the completion of this presentation, there is now an authoritative publication explaining how wetting agents work in certain turfgrass soils--this is a great resource," says Dr. Keith J. Karnok, professor of turfgrass at the University of Georgia, and the editor of the publication.

Demie Moore, corporate relations manager with Aquatrols and a contributing author, added, "Some years ago, a number of turfgrass educators and advisors commented that soil water repellency and soil wetting agents were not well covered in classes because little objective information was available. When we heard that a project had been started on the topic, it was a great opportunity to help bring the information together."


"Soil Wetting Agents" can be purchased online from CSSA for $40 as either a Windows (Item No. B30470) or Macintosh (Item No. B30471) CD. Order online at:, in "Image Collections" under "Multimedia," or by phone at 608-268-4960, or by email:

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