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Bioenergy - I: From concept to commercial processes

Engineering Conferences International

The Engineering Conferences International announces the first conference in its series on Bioenergy - I: From Concept to Commercial Processes.

The conference addresses the state-of-the-art challenges toward the production of bioenergy and the research being conducted to solve the technical, scientific and economical barriers to wide-spread adoption. It will evaluate the current progress that has been made in bioenergy research and development, and identify new promising future directions of bioenergy. In addition, it will assess ways to overcome the current constraints and to focus on economical aspects for commercial production. Environmentally sound biobased energy production (ethanol, butanol, methane, methanol, biodiesel, biohydrogen, biopower, etc.) can make important contributions to the world energy security. It will also promote rural economic development and enhance environmental quality through the development of additional renewable energy resources from agriculture and agroforestry sectors, generated wastes (farm, industry and municipals) and from new emerging biorefineries. A comprehensive view of the impact of the recent advancement and development on the production of bioenergy via biological and thermal conversions will be highlighted.

The technical program is selected to reflect the following themes:

  • Theme I: Bioethanol and butanol production and technical development
  • Theme II: Biogas (methane) and biohydrogen processes
  • Theme III: Biodiesel and biorefinery integration
  • Theme IV: Microbial fuel cells
  • Theme V: Biomass thermal conversion (gasification, pyrolysis, biopower), syngas, methanol
  • Theme VI: Related environmental issues, policies, economic considerations (including embodied energy involved in producing bioenergy)

Attendees will represent both fundamental and applied science of the following areas: bio/chemical, bioprocess and mechanical engineering, biology, bio/chemistry, food, agriculture and environmental science and engineering. This interdisciplinary conference will be international in scope and highly participative.

Conference Organization

The Conference Chairs are
Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan, Associate Professor and Co-Director, Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory (CREL), Washington University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Phone: 1-314-935-7187, E-mail:
Dr. Kevin Hicks, USDA, Wyndmoor, PA, 19038, Phone: 1-215-233-6579, E-mail:
Dr. Charles A. Abbas, Director, Yeast & Renewables Research, Archer Daniels Midland Company, 1001, N. Brush College Road, Decatur, IL, 62521-1656, Phone: 1-217-451-4220, E-mail:

The Organizing Committee comprises:
David Johnston, USDA-ERRC (,
G. Lettinga, Wageningen University (,
Khursheed Karim, University of Arkansas (,
Michael Seibert, NREL-DOE (,
Bruce Logan, Penn. State University (,
P.C. Hallenbeck, University of Montreal (,
H. Shapouri, USDA-OCE-OEPNU (,
M. Jawed, IIT Guwahati (,
Michael Safty, Bioethane, (,
Eugenio Foresti, Universidade de Sao Paulo (,
Irini Angelidaki, Technical University of Denmark (,
Maria Isabel Pais, Pontificia Universidade Catolica (,
Ana B. Henriques, Washington University (,
K. Stork, DOE (,
S. Goguen, DOE (,
M. Stamatoudis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (,
R. Devantier, Novozymes, Denmark (,
L. Olsson, Technical University of Denmark (,
B. Ozbek, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey (,
E. Allain, Novozymes North America (,
J. Sheehan, NREL-DOE (,
G. Zacchi, Lund University, Sweden (,
S. Hamoudi, University of Laval, Canada (,
M. Clark Dale, Bioprocess Innovation (,
M. Knauf, Ethanol Technology (,
Zhongpin Shi, Southern Yangtze University, China (,
G.A. Hill, University of Saskatchewan, Canada (,
M.I. Rajoka, NIBGE, Pakistan (,
Bill Wisbrock, Biofuels of Missouri (,
J.R. Benemann (

Oral and Poster Presentations
The oral presentations will consist of both plenary lectures (40 min) and invited presentations (30 min). The majority of presentations will be given in interactive poster sessions. Poster authors see Guidelines for Preparing Posters. There will also be time for round table discussions and other technical activities that will enhance and enrich the technical program.


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