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ESMO International Symposium on Prostate Cancer

The ESMO answer to the constant need for updated information in specific fields of oncology on a multidisciplinary basis

European Society for Medical Oncology

The European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has just launched a new model of meetings, namely ESMO International Symposia (EIS) focusing on organ-based malignancies.

An EIS on prostate cancer will be in Antwerp, Belgium, 10-11 March 2006. An EIS on sarcoma and GIST will be in Milan, Italy, 17-18 May 2006.

Special features of the EIS symposia:

  • 2-day program
  • Educational sessions by renowned experts in the specific cancer type
  • Program schedule reflecting the chronology of the disease, from prevention and pre-treatments to cancer treatment and supportive care

Approximately 400 international specialists are expected to attend the meetings.

To address the needs of both oncologists and scientists for multidisciplinary organ-based and mission-driven conferences, the ESMO International Symposium (EIS) Working Group was established.

The EIS Working Group is responsible for the creation of a well-balanced and comprehensive scientific and educational symposium program. Topics will be selected based on the current issues facing the European oncology community.

EIS Working Group Chair: Mario Dicato, Luxembourg

EIS Working Group Permanent Members: José Baselga, Spain; Dirk Schrijvers, Belgium

Temporary members are chosen among the experts in the selected oncology topic.

The group can also count on the external help of a Local Chair.

A press room will be available to allow media representatives to come to the symposium and get in contact with international experts in specific cancer fields.


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