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Genomatix improves its coverage of Affymetrix new exon arrays

New specialized ChipInspector ExonArray to be released soon

Genomatix Software GmbH

Genomatix Software GmbH announced today that it will extend the leading position of its gene chip compatible products further by a new version of ChipInspector, which will be specifically geared towards analysis of the new exon arrays.

"ChipInspector already revolutionized the analysis of the conventional oligo/probe based gene chips due to the powerful annotation driven analysis optimization that precedes the statistical processing of the microarray data. This feature is based on Genomatix unique knowledge and data on promoters and transcripts, which will also empower the special version optimized for the exon arrays" says Dr. Thomas Werner, CEO & CSO of Genomatix. According to Dr. Matthias Scherf, head of Genomatix Discovery team, who oversees the ChipInspector development, the new specialized version of ChipInspector will considerably improve analysis of the exon array data including transcript separation and promoter identification of the relevant transcripts.

"We have seen excellent results on pilot data from exon arrays using ChipInspector as available today" says Dr. Martin Seifert, Vice President of Microarray Business and Collaborative Research at Genomatix.

"We have brought the first complete microarray analysis pipeline to the market, that starts at the raw data and delivers the underlying biology including analysis of relevant regulatory mechanisms" explains Klaus May, Director of Sales and Marketing at Genomatix. "ChipInspector ExonArray will be a fully integrated part of this pipeline the same way as the current ChipInspector is, guaranteeing our customers superior results from raw data all the way into biology. Our pipeline delivers complete results within hours, and such speed is a great value in its own right," Klaus May continues.

ChipInspector ExonArray is expected to be released beginning of Q2 2006 and can be preordered effective immediately from Genomatix as an upgrade to ChipInspector.


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