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NYU Child Study Center expert co-authors 'Who Invented Lemonade?'

Book proceeds to benefit the NYU Child Study Center

New York University Child Study Center

Whether you've been fired from a job, broken up with a partner, received a failing grade in a class, or even lost a loved one, Who Invented Lemonade? will give you the tools you need to think positively, change your perspective, and ultimately live life to the fullest and make lemonade. The book was co-authored by Joshua Shaw, COO of Go SMILE, a comprehensive smile beauty regimen to whiten and maintain a beautiful smile; and Alexandra Barzvi, Ph.D., Clinical Director of the Institute for Anxiety and Mood Disorders at the NYU Child Study Center.

"As a psychologist it has become clear to me that positive thinking is at the heart of happiness," said Alexandra Barzvi, Ph.D. "There are many things in this world we can't control, but our thoughts are not one of them. In fact, how we think directly effects how we feel and what we do. Who Invented Lemonade? will help you examine your thoughts and look for other ways to explain and understand your life, the world and others." It will inspire people to see they have a choice in every situation. They have the choice to see lemons, and the choice to see lemonade. The choice to have a positive perspective is theirs.

This motivational story features a young boy named Billy who is filled with curiosity about the world around him. He asks questions about everything and everyone; he acts upon his observations rather than passively accepting them. The book follows Billy through his journey to find out who invented lemonade, and at the same time teaches readers how to invent it themselves. Shaw believes that "this book will open people's consciousness to the notion that success - both personally and professionally - involves taking risks, keeping an open mind, and realizing the power of intention and perspective.

"This book complements the positive work my colleagues and I do everyday with kids at the NYU Child Study Center," said Dr. Barzvi. "So I am thrilled that a portion of the book's proceeds will support that work."

The book, which arrives in stores this month, features a foreword by Donald J. Trump. A portion of the proceeds of "Who Invented Lemonade?" will be donated to the NYU Child Study Center and Autism Speaks.


About the Authors
Joshua A. Shaw is a recognized business leader across a number of industries. A self-made millionaire by twenty-four, at age thirty, he has already built three successful companies.

Selling his first company and taking his second company public on NASDAQ, he's now on his third and most exciting venture yet, GoSMILE Inc. Josh has become a lemonade connoisseur in life and business, making the best of any situation and always finding the positive side.

Alexandra L. Barzvi, Ph.D. is an accomplished Clinical Psychologist. Dr. Barzvi is also the Clinical Director of the Institute for Anxiety and Mood Disorders at the New York University Child Study Center. She is an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and specializes in working with children, adolescents and families. She speaks nationally and provides training workshops, consultations and seminars for mental health professionals, school personnel and parents.

NYU Child Study Center
The NYU Child Study Center is dedicated to advancing the field of mental health for children and their families through evidence-based practice, science and education. Program specialists translate scientific developments and innovative procedures into everyday techniques for parents, educators, pediatricians and other mental health professionals. The Center's vision is to be the premier source of child mental health information, improve and influence the practice of child mental health professionals and in doing so, change the face of children's mental health in this country.

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