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AIDS debate launches Lancet podcast


The Lancet launches its podcast with a debate that took place at the International AIDS conference in Toronto, Canada yesterday.

Moderated by Dr Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet, the debate posed the question: Is scaling up the response to the HIV epidemic doing more good than harm?

Speaking for the motion:
Mark Dybul (Global AIDS co-ordinator for the Presidents Emergency Programme for HIV/AIDS Relief; PEPFAR)
David Wilson (The World Bank)

Speaking against the motion:
David Barr (Director of the Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness at the Tides Foundation)
Vineeta Gupta (Director of the Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative)

Over 50 scientists, activists, and public health experts attended the debate. At the beginning of the session 48 members of the audience were for the motion, 4 against, and 4 abstained. At the end of the debate there were 43 people for the motion, 2 against, and 11 abstainers.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday August 16, 2006.

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