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Proprio Foot™ stands and delivers for amputees

Ossur's Bionic Foot is the first to think and act for itself


August 3, 2006 (Aliso Viejo, CA) -- Ossur North America, a trusted and global developer of more scientifically advanced prosthetic innovations than any other company in the field, is pleased to introduce the PROPRIO FOOT TM. It is the latest addition from Bionic Technology by Ossur, the company's brand for a pioneering category of prosthetic devices. The world's first motor-powered and artificially intelligent prosthesis for transtibial amputees, the foot operates as closely as you can get today to natural, anatomical functioning. Developed by Ossur's R&D department, the foot's motion analysis capabilities are facilitated by real-time sensor technology from Dynastream Innovations of Canada.

While the foot will commence a controlled launch in September, the Department of Defense and the VA are both actively using the foot to benefit servicemen returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, as well as veterans of past wars. Like Ossur's POWER KNEE TM, the PROPRIO FOOT replaces muscle function that was lost with the amputation. The foot enables amputees to perform activites in a normal and functional pattern by:

  • Sensing. Knowing where their foot is in space is a huge safety issue for amputees. Sophisticated sensor technology mimics the body's own neural receptors that are sensitive to mechanical change, providing artificial proprioception (that sense of where the limb is in space). Hence the name PROPRIO FOOT.
  • Thinking. Patented artificial intelligence (AI) processes information from the sensors and activates the most appropriate response for the next step.
  • Acting. The AI transmits a constant stream of signals which instruct high-precision actuator technology to act and deliver optimal function.

Canadian company Dynastream's expertise in real-time motion analysis enables the PROPRIO FOOT to detect and adapt to changes making for easier locomotion and an improved quality of life for the user. "Dynastream's real-time detection algorithms, high accuracy, and overall reliability are particularly critical for this innovative prosthetic application, and further solidifies our position as a provider of platform technology for all markets and applications wanting to digitize motion," said Kip Fyfe, Dynastream's president and CEO. A motor and battery generate appropriate prosthetic function to the PROPRIO FOOT, providing the precise amount of power necessary. This addition of power motion represents a significant step in human energy conservation, and the ability to deliver the required response.

PROPRIO FOOT Stands and Delivers for Amputees This merging of new technologies and artificial intelligence makes it possible for the PROPRIO FOOT to offer unmatched benefits for amputees:

  • The foot can identify slopes and stairs after the first step, and instruct the ankle to flex appropriately. Users place their foot on a step when climbing or descending stairs and it automatically adapts its ankle position to enable the next step.
  • This active ankle motion also allows wearers to more easily sit down or rise from a chair: actions once taken for granted only by the able-bodied. Just try standing up from a seated position on one foot to get an idea of the impact of the PROPRIO FOOT.
  • The foot's anatomically correct response creates a more symmetrical and balanced gait, reducing the need both to "hip hike" and to load the entire body weight on the sound limb. "This reduces the energy that patients spend in reacting consciously to the environment," said Hilmar B. Janusson, Ph.D., Ossur's vice president of research and development. "And it gives them more confidence and puts less strain on the sound limb and the hips, back and knees."
  • Despite its sophisticated technology, the PROPRIO FOOT is user-friendly and is easy to set up and operate. During a simple calibration process, in 15 steps the device evaluates and memorizes the wearer's unique way of walking.


After the limited launch of the PROPRIO FOOT and the nationwide debut of the POWER KNEE on September 27, 2006 at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association's (AOPA) annual National Assembly in Hollywood, Florida, the world of prosthetics will have entered a new era: the age of advanced bionic technology.

To purchase a PROPRIO FOOT, prosthetists and amputees will receive training from Ossur's Proprio Foot specialists to guarantee a successful outcome for each user. For more information about the PROPRIO FOOT, or any products under the Bionic Technology by Ossur umbrella, please visit or call one of Ossur's knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at (800) 233-6263.

Ossur (Icelandic Stock Exchange: OSSR) is as much about helping people to live a life without limitations as it is about its orthopaedic products. A trusted and global leader in the development, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing of bracing and support products and prosthetics, Ossur pioneers award-winning designs - including its bionic technologies - and partners with the health practitioners who use them to deliver successful clinical and business outcomes. Headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, the company has operations and a distribution network throughout the world. The company allocates an industry record of 6-8 percent of its revenue on research and development to conceive and harness the most advanced technologies for incorporation in its product designs, and provides extensive education programs through the Ossur Academy. Ossur is a 2006 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. Website:

Dynastream Innovations is a privately owned company with world-leading expertise in the research and development of wireless and inertial technology for consumer, commercial, medical and industrial markets. Dynastream is headquartered in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Website:


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