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ACRUS broadens contraceptive spray strategy

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Acrux (ASX: ACR), the Australian company with patient-preferred technology for delivering drugs across the skin, today announced that it has reached agreement with Population Council, Inc., to amend the Licence Agreement signed in February 2006.

Under the Licence Agreement, Acrux is developing a contraceptive spray, combining Acrux's patented MDTS® spray delivery technology with Population Council's new generation contraceptive Nestorone®. Established in 1952 and headquartered in New York, Population Council has a proven track record in the successful development of female contraceptive products.

Under the terms of the amendment, Acrux is no longer restricted to developing and commercialising only contraceptive sprays containing Nestorone®. All other material terms of the Licence Agreement remain unchanged.

"This amendment has paved the way for Acrux to apply MDTS® to a far wider range of contraceptive hormones, which in turn makes our technology more attractive to potential global partners," said Richard Treagus, Acrux CEO.

Following the successful completion of Phase 1 clinical trials with Nestorone® MDTS, Acrux has moved quickly to start formulation development of additional contraceptive spray products.

"The global market for hormonal contraceptives approximates US$6.5 billion per annum. With the MDTS® technology applicable to a range of contraceptive hormones, it was important to ensure that we were in the strongest possible position to fully exploit the value of our technology in this market", Treagus added.

MDTS® has a number of advantages over existing methods of contraceptive delivery systems, such as pills and patches. At launch, the contraceptive MDTS® will be the first transdermal contraceptive spray in the market, and it has the potential to become the contraceptive of choice for many women.


Richard Treagus
CEO: +61 417 520 509
About Acrux:

  • Acrux is an Australian drug delivery company, developing and commercialising a range of patient-preferred, patented pharmaceutical products for global markets, using its innovative technology to administer drugs through the skin.

  • Fast-drying, invisible sprays or liquids provide a delivery platform with low or no skin irritation, superior cosmetic acceptability and simple, accurate and flexibledosing. The technology platform is covered by broad and well-differentiated, issued patents.

  • Acrux has 7 products in clinical development, including:
    • EvamistTM to treat menopause symptoms
    • Testosterone MDTS® to treat decreased libido in women
    • Nestorone® MDTS® contraceptive spray for women
    • Fentanyl UDTSTM to treat chronic pain
    • Testosterone MD-Lotion® to treat testosterone deficiency in men

  • Acrux has licensed USA rights for EvamistTM (Estradiol MDTS®) and Testosterone MDTS® to VIVUS and AUS/NZ distribution rights for Testosterone MDTS® and Fentanyl UDTSTM to CSL Limited. Acrux has also licensed its technology to Eli Lilly for veterinary healthcare products.

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