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PSL: the emerging industry standard

First book on Property Specification Language just published


The first ever comprehensive text written about the IEEE standard P1850 PSL, A Practical Introduction to PSL, has just been published. PSL, Property Specification Language, was originally developed by the IBM Research division under the name Sugar Specification Language. A Practical Introduction to PSL is written by Cindy Eisner and Dana Fisman who were instrumental in the development of PSL and have extensive experience in both using and teaching PSL.

PSL is a specification language used by engineers to specify the functional properties of logic designs. These properties, in turn, serve as input to property-checking tools, which are key to modern-day functional verification. The language is simple, concise, and expressive. PSL successfully completed the natural step of becoming a general IEEE standard in September 2005 and won the 2005 International Engineering Consortium (IEC) DesignVision Award.

This book includes extensive examples illustrated with timing diagrams. While mostly oriented to users of PSL for simulation, a section on the use of PSL in formal verification is included. All of the basic language constructs are covered, as well as advanced topics such as the use of PSL in multiply-clocked designs. The chapter on common errors, based on the authors' many years of experience, will be helpful to both beginners and more experienced users.

Cindy Eisner has been working on various aspects of formal methods at the IBM Haifa Research Laboratory since 1994. Previously, she worked on synthesis methodology at Zoran Microelectronics in Haifa, Israel, and on simulation tools for the language iHDL at Intel Corporation, also in Haifa, Israel. Dana Fisman has also been working on formal methods at the IBM Haifa lab since 1997. Her main research interests are specification and modeling of concurrent programs, temporal logic and automata, and verification of parameterized systems.


A Practical Introduction to PSL is published by Springer Science+Business Media (, one of the world's leading suppliers of scientific and specialist literature and the primary publisher of research monographs and professional books for the design automation community since 1983.

Cindy Eisner, Dana Fisman
A Practical Introduction to PSL
Hardcover: $ 114.00, € 89,95; £ 69,00
ISBN 0-387-35313-5

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