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Grasso, Stevens alumni deploy next generation information systems platform

Platform will be used at Newark's Industrial Rehabilitation Clinic

Stevens Institute of Technology

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Dr. S. Vincent Grasso, an adjunct professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Stevens Institute of Technology and founder of Technology Integrations for Medical Applications, Inc. (TIMA) has collaborated with Stu Patel and Sub Prabhakaran of Universal Industrial Clinic (UIC), in the deployment of an advanced healthcare information system platform for the rehabilitation clinic. The clinic, owned by Patel, is located in Newark, N.J. Patel was a member of Stevens' Class of 1993 and Prabhakaran was a member of the Class of 1995.

This platform represents the systems integration, orchestrated by Grasso, of several vendors such as TIMA, MedAppz, Cryptek, DP Solutions, HP, Juniper and Olympus.

The UIC has had a current focus of delivering care to the City of Newark employees injured while at work. They had been working within an analog, or paper-based, environment and recognized the need to migrate to a digital and paperless one. However, this migration caused concern: During their due diligence of existing vendors, they realized that most vendors had serious deficiencies concerning issues such as data security, portability, scalability, ability to import and export data, analytical/mining tools and price.

"Sub and I spent more than one year searching for an advanced electronic medical record vendor that would meet our needs. Most had the bells and whistles that you would expect in a system, but despite a wide range of prices, they fell short where we were the most concerned; data security and medical record integrity," said Patel, President and Medical Director of UIC. "The single most important selection criterion for choosing an EMR system is that the patient comes first."

"My role at the UIC resides within business development and the coordination of the clinic's clinical, technical and financial operations. It seemed to me that the selection of an EMR required as its prerequisite, the ability for me to bring value to the clinics operations beyond the clinical," said Prabhakaran, COO and VP of Business Development at the UIC. "As both Dr. Patel and I have strong technical backgrounds via our education at Stevens, we were looking for a platform that was technically advanced, but without the usual high price that comes along with such as system. Dr. Grasso's vendor integration offers us an order of magnitude of value while being affordable. Having a company like Cryptek involved means that Dr. Grasso and his team takes data security as seriously as we do."

"The MedAppz iSuite platform will enable Dr. Patel and his team to advance his practice management initiatives and objectives. The integration of various platforms and hardware provide maximum flexibility to the UIC without an increase in complexity. Dr. Grasso's expertise as a surgeon and software architect enable the team to gain subtle insights into the overall design and deployment of the system, while maintaining a 'patient comes first' perspective", said Joseph MacFarlane, VP of Business Development for MedAppz.

Charles McElwee, Director of Healthcare Services for DP Solutions, explained that the delivery of health care is divided into several well defined services. "These include billing, transcription, messaging, analytics, diagnostics and administrative tasks such as scheduling and document management," he said. "All of these services are capable of being delivered by the platform that is being installed. Unlike almost all other systems integrations that 'bundle' multi third party platforms together with a resulting decrease in data security, our integration actually increases data security."


The clinic is currently undergoing training. Its computer network is being upgraded and the existing data base of patient records is being reviewed. Over the next three months, the migration from a paper-based to a paperless office will take place.

Cryptek, Inc., a Virginia-based company, provides government agencies and Fortune 2000 companies with proven, successful and cost-effective solutions to protect against internal computer threats and the enormous costs associated with at-risk financial information, personal information, and other valuable and sensitive data.

The MedAppz vision is to simplify the ambulatory care practice through the use of MedAppz's affordable, integrated scheduling, electronic health records and billing software service. MedAppz provides physicians and their staff the tools to improve patient care, reduce risk, increase revenue and lower expenses. And because we offer the MedAppz iSuite as a service, our solutions are affordable to implement.

Data Processing Solutions offers services that range from industry-specific enterprise software and custom application development to networking, web development, application hosting and security solutions. Their healthcare focus consists of developing custom transaction translator and claims processing components.

About the Universal Industrial Clinic
The Universal Industrial Clinic is an Occupational Medical Health Center located in the Ironbound section of Newark for the past 25 years. The clinic specializes in the evaluation and treatment of work related injuries, pre-employment examinations, DOT physicals, and substance abuse testing. The office is on the forefront of maintaining a drug-free workplace. UIC has been the primary healthcare provider for the City of Newark employees and for approximately 80 major companies in the Northern New Jersey area.

About Technology Integrations for Medical Applications, Inc.
TIMA is a software development company enabling a wide range of private, secure, fully audited, and distributed healthcare services to be transacted efficiently and effectively within its Healthcare Enterprise Portal. The TIMA platform fuses information flow and business logic across a wide and integrated network enabling healthcare related services to be delivered within a disruptive pricing model with at least an order of magnitude of advantage concerning price and performance.

About Stevens Institute of Technology
Established in 1870, Stevens offers baccalaureate, masters and doctoral degrees in engineering, science, computer science, management and technology management, as well as a baccalaureate in the humanities and liberal arts, and in business and technology. Located directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, the university has enrollments of approximately 1,780 undergraduates and 2,700 graduate students, and a current enrollment of 2,250 online-learning students worldwide. Additional information may be obtained from its web page at

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