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Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory conference

A New Foundation for Physics

Quantum AetherDynamics Institute

David Thomson and Jim Bourassa, authors of the Aether Physics Model, have been invited to speak before the Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT) conference in London, UK.

The conferences objectives are: "to examine physical theories, models, and interpretations of the accepted Relativistic Formal Structure, including recently proposed ether-type theories and analogues."

The Aether Physics Model is a quantified theory of quantum structure, which includes a mathematically correct Unified Force Theory. Not only are the forces unified, but space-time and matter also quantify, which allows for the mathematical unification of the forces with space-time (Aether) and matter.

More information about the Aether Physics Model can be found in their paper, A New Foundation for Physics, at Information about the authors non-profit research organization, Quantum AetherDynamics Institute, can be found at


The conference is sponsored by the British Society for Philosophy of Science, the Physics Department of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the Calcutta Mathematical Society and is sponsored and organised with the assistance and support of the School of Computing and Technology (Prof. Peter Smith), University of Sunderland, Great Britain. Support and assistance was provided particularly with respect to publicity, by the Europhysical Society; the Foundation Louis de Broglie; the London Mathematical Society; the Royal Astronomical Society; The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications; Institute of Physics; British Journal for Philosophy of Science; Foundations of Physics; General Relativity and Gravitation; International Journal of Theoretical Physics; and the American Institute of Physics.

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