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Can personality be changed?

Carol Dweck to deliver keynote address at APS 19th annual Convention in D.C.

Association for Psychological Science

Carol Dweck, a leading expert in motivation and personality psychology, will be this year's Keynote Speaker at the 19th annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science taking place May 24-27th in Washington, DC. Dweck is a professor of psychology at Stanford University and the author of the recently published book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Dweck will kick off the convention with her address, "Can Personality Be Changed"" Here is a preview of her talk:

"Intellectual wars have been waged over the origin, nature, and malleability of personality. Are personality and character best seen in terms of deep-seated and immutable traits, or is meaningful change possible" If change is possible, what are the theoretical traditions that predict it and what is the research that supports it" I will present an array of research on targeted interventions that created important change in key aspects of personality. I will discuss the mechanisms through which change occurred, and I will describe a view of personality that encompasses these changes."


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