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Spyker Formula 1 Team and TU Delft to join forces

Delft University of Technology

There are plenty of research areas in which the Formula One Team of Spyker and TU Delft can cooperate. Vehicle mechatronics, aerodynamics and materials were the subjects of the first exploratory meetings in Delft. Following those, on May 3rd, three Delft scientists paid a visit to the Spyker F1 site in Silverstone. Concrete projects should start taking shape in the coming months.

Michiel Mol, director of the Spyker Formula One Team, approached TU Delft with the idea to work together on the development of the orange racing car. The first meetings with ir. Edwin de Vries (vehicle mechatronics) and Adriaan Beukers (materials) proved promising enough to start planning the visit to Silverstone. PhD-student Gandert van Raemdonck (aerodynamics) was the third Delft representative in England. In Silverstone they talked, among others, with James Key, technical director of the Spyker Formula One Team.

In the coming weeks, the ideas generated during the visit in Silverstone, will be worked out further. Other TU Delft research areas, like computational sciences, will also be expected to play a major role in these projects.


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