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Work starts for EuroScience Open Forum 2008 Barcelona

EuroScience Open Forum 2008

Presentations and debates on the leading scientific questions of the day, from research into stem cells to the challenge of climate change, are planned for the ESOF2008 Scientific Programme. 'There will be events covering ideas from across the science spectrum, bringing together different disciplines and highlighting cutting-edge issues and research in Europe and the world', explains Sir Colin Berry, Chairman of the Programme Committee.

ESOF2008 will have ten 'Themes':

  • The human mind and behaviour

  • The very big and the very small

  • Maintaining an open society through science

  • Engineering the body

  • What should we eat and what we should look like"

  • Enhancing energy security; fighting global warming

  • Science policy

  • Science and art

  • Demography in an ageing Europe

  • Screening: burdens and benefits

Proposals to present leading scientific and technology issues and dynamic public outreach activities are invited by the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) for its third prestigious event to be hosted by Barcelona on 18 to 22 July 2008. Around 5,000 participants and many more members of the public are expected to attend.


The ESOF2008 Outreach Activities Programme is also open for proposals that will engage the imagination of citizens through shows, displays and presentations that bring science to life in the fields of culture, sports and leisure. A Science and Society Programme is planned to stimulate debate on how science, technology and the humanities impact on society and the economy. Proposals that bring together diverse members of Europe's science community are particularly encouraged.

The Call for Proposals to submit ideas for participation in the Science Programme is open to researchers from all disciplines, public and private institutions, communicators, policy makers, and businesses.

'Ideas on innovative session formats and communication styles, and proposals that inspire genuine debate will also be especially welcome,' added Sir Colin Berry.

To answer the Calls, full details of the conditions and how to apply are on the ESOF website ( The closing date for all proposals is 30 June, 2007.

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