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2nd International EuroFIR Congress

Role of food composition data in improving quality, healthiness and safety of European diets

University of Granada

EuroFIR (European Food Information Resource Network), the world -leading European Network of Excellence on Food Composition Databank systems, is a partnership between 46 universities, research institutes and small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from 25 European countries. EuroFIR will provide the first comprehensive pan-European food information resource, using state-of-the-art database linking, to allow effective management, updating, extending and comparability. This is an essential underpinning component of all food and health research in Europe and provides:

  • the building blocks for health surveys, medical research and interventions, and health policies based on them;
  • information for public health government bodies and regulators to educate their populations about health and food heritage;
  • laboratory and data analysis best practices to ensure data quality, reliability and comparability;
  • data that enables food industry to produce healthier foods, and obtain a larger share of the international food market;
  • information to consumers - via labels and via printed/electronic information - to enable them to play a more active role in protecting and enhancing their health.;

2nd International EuroFIR Congress, University of Granada, Sept 2007: the role of food composition data in improving quality, healthiness and safety of European diets. Having access to quality and accurate compositional data about the food we eat is crucial to regulators, health policy makers, researchers, the food industry and the public. This second Congress will describe how EuroFIR (European Food Information Resource) is contributing to this important work, and will provide examples of how food composition data are used in a variety of settings, including public health, research and the food industry.

Conference Topics:

  • Food databank systems
  • Quality systems & PT schemes
  • Novel or new methods of analysis New data on traditional and ethnic foods
  • Food allergen databanks
  • Non-nutrient databases Software application
  • Use of data by industry and other stakeholders

Organisation This symposium is being organised by the EuroFIR Network of Excellence, The Institute for Nutrition and Food Technology (University of Granada), The Centre d'Ensenyament Superior de Nutricio I Dietetica (University of Barcelona), AESA (Spanish Agency for Food Security) and UGR-Business Foundation.


Organising Committee: Prof E Martinez-Victoria (Co-Chair; UGR); Prof G Ros (UM); Dr A Farran (CESNID-UB); Prof R Farre (CESNID-UB); Prof. M Mañas (AESA); Prof J Buttriss & A Denny (both BNF); P Finglas (Co-Chair) and D Wright (both IFR).

Call for Abstracts All participants are encouraged to submit an Abstract for poster presentations on the topics of the symposium. Abstracts must be submitted via email to and the deadline for submission of abstracts is 1st July 2007. You will be notified by 1st August 2007 by email if you abstract has been accepted.

Invited lectures and selected contributions will be considered for publication in either the two journals Trends in Food Science and Technology and/or Food Chemistry. Acceptance of papers is subject to normal peer-review procedures. In addition, a book of proceedings with summaries of contributions and posters will be available for all delegates at the symposium.

Granada 2007 Congress Programme accessible on

Reference: Prof. Dr. Emilio Martínez de Victoria Muñoz. Head of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INYTA), University of Granada. Tel.: +34 958 24 83 21 / +34 958 24 41 74. E-mail:

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