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Highlights from the American Chemical Society journal, ACS Chemical Biology, are now available on EurekAlert!, Below is a link to the July 2007 edition.

In the current issue

  • Toxins from snails may lead to new drugs

  • New strategies for minimizing the side effects of the COX inhibitors,(some of which were banned due to the high risk of cardiovascular side effects

  • How the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone activate cell signaling pathways

  • Helper peptides that can influence the opening of calcium channels in cell membranes

  • A new technique called the ¡°double barrel shotgun¡ approach that helps pinpoint key cellular proteins

  • How tricking cells with a mimic of a chemically modified protein can help identify components of cell signaling pathways.


Journalists can arrange access of any of the articles featured in ACS Chemical Biology by sending an e-mail to or by contacting

ACS Chemical Biology is a monthly journal exploring cellular function from both chemical and biological perspectives. In addition to research papers and reviews, the journal also publishes Spotlights of current research in chemical biology, Profiles of experts in the field, and Points of View from leading scientists. The journal web site is updated weekly with new content, and it features a WIKI and Ask the Expert.

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