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PNNL scientists present research findings on hydrogen fuel storage system

Talks at the 238th American Chemistry Society National Meeting explore storing and releasing hydrogen in ammonia borane and related compounds

DOE/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

WASHINGTON -- In the quest to reinvent energy systems such as hydrogen fuel cells that don't rely on fossil fuels, chemistry plays a large role. This is evidenced by this year's theme for the American Chemistry Society's annual meeting: Chemistry and Global Security. Half a dozen researchers from the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will be exploring the chemical underpinnings of hydrogen fuel storage in a symposium running from Monday to Thursday called the "Advances in Experimental and Computational Studies of Materials for Hydrogen Storage".

The PNNL researchers will cover topics ranging from molecules in which to store hydrogen and catalysts that get it back out, to recharging the spent fuel. Their talks are as follows:

Tuesday Aug 18

Avery T. Luedtke, "Mechanistic studies of hydrogen release from alkaline metal amidoboranes"; 5:00 PM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon E

Wednesday Aug 19

Abhi Karkamkar, "Ammonium borohydride: Solid hydrogen storage material with highest gravimetric hydrogen content"; 9:20 AM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon A/B

Shawn M. Kathmann, "Understanding the statistical mechanics underlying inelastic neutron scattering spectra for hydrogen storage materials"; 2:30 PM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon A/B

Feng (Richand) Zheng, "Large scale synthesis of ammonia borane"; 3:30 PM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon A/B

Thursday Aug 20

Michael T. Mock, "H2 activation and base promoted hydride transfer reactions using transition metal diphosphine complexes: Development of a multistep process to regenerate ammonia borane"; 9:20 AM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon A/B

Robert G. Potter, "Toward regeneration of ammonia borane: Thermodynamic study of Lewis Base-borane compounds in THF"; 9:40 AM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon A/B

Gregory K. Schenter, "Operando XAFS and AIMD to characterize rhodium clusters in the catalytic dehydrogenation of aminoboranes"; 11:30 AM, Marriott Metro Center/Salon A/B


For more information on PNNL work in the topic, see "New clues about a hydrogen fuel catalyst,"

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