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Scientists help tube firms to get in the right gear

National Physical Laboratory


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NPL has been working for two years to validate the geometry of final drive gear cases used on stock tube trains which are undergoing modification.

NPL conducted an independent calibration of the geometry of modified gear casings to find out whether they were actually within the required tolerance.

Over the next 18 months NPL will be measuring sample gear cases every three months to check the geometry of the gear cases to ensure that they remain within tolerance.

David Flack of NPL's Engineering Measurement team said:

"The world-class expertise of the researchers at NPL alongside the cutting edge equipment that we have access to, ensures that we can provide the innovative engineering measurement methods that are essential to industry in the UK. The specialists at NPL carried out measurements of key dimensions and geometrical deviations on the final drive gear cases using one of the laboratory's co-ordinate measuring machines."


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