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Face your 'ex-factor' after divorce or break-up

How to overcome heartbreak and build a better life

Prometheus Books


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Over two-thirds of American families are "blended," which means they are made up of remarried adults and often stepchildren. Although it's good news that many divorced people remarry, the bad news is that too many of them carry the animosities and negative behavior patterns of their former heartbreaks into their new situation.

In this supportive and uplifting book for both men and women, Dr. Stephan B. Poulter-- clinical psychologist and acclaimed author of The Father Factor and The Mother Factor--tackles this pervasive problem with great sensitivity and understanding. In YOUR EX-FACTOR: OVERCOME HEARTBREAK AND BUILD A BETTER LIFE (Prometheus Books, $18.98), Dr. Poulter takes the reader step by step from the anguish of divorce to the security of a stronger and more fulfilling future attachment.

"Stephan Poulter provides us with a much needed guide to dealing with the pain of divorce through insightful analysis, and gives a concrete plan for emotional recovery. His optimistic and sensitive approach will appeal to anyone needing to move forward with future intimate long-term relationships," said Mark Grossman, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine.

First, he explains how breakups happen and explores the challenges of dealing with the emotional wreckage, from guilt and anger to feelings of rejection and despair. He then describes five relationship styles and helps readers develop insight into their own styles so that present and future relationships can grow in a healthy and refreshed atmosphere. Finally, he shows ways to go beyond blame, tension, and other "ex-factors" and objectively assess inner needs. As Dr. Poulter shows, the key to forming lasting bonds with another is discovering exactly what one needs to feel loved.

"Dr. Poulter's inspiring book brings hope and invaluable tools to people undergoing one of the most difficult and most potentially destructive transitions in their lives," says Laura Applegate, MD, Neuroradiologist, Pacific Advanced Radiology. "Insight into one's own relationship style brings confidence that a healthier future relationship can be attained, whereby both partners' needs can be met."

According to Publishers Weekly, Poulter "demonstrates through case studies and exercises how to tackle this emotional period in a dignified manner, creating the possibility for future loving relationships....With considerable skill, Poulter strikes a hopeful chord on postrelationship strategies that leave the reader refreshed, rather than depressed."

Based on Dr, Poulter's experience as a clinical psychologist and drawing on real individuals he has counseled, YOUR EX-FACTOR: OVERCOME HEARTBREAK AND BUILD A BETTER LIFE is a valuable resource for anyone trying to move forward beyond the pain of emotional loss and rediscover the joys of loving again regardless of prior history, circumstances, "old baggage," or fears. This insightful, helpful guide will open your eyes to promote healthy and truly fulfilling relationships now and into the future.


About the Author: Stephan B. Poulter, PhD (Los Angeles, CA), is the author of three previous books including The Mother Factor and The Father Factor that have received widespread attention on Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CNN, MSNBC, and in Newsweek, Publishers Weekly, other media outlets. He has practiced as a clinical psychologist specializing in family relationships for twenty-four years. Dr. Poulter lectures widely and appears regularly on radio talk shows and news programs.

MEDIA NOTE: Stephan B. Poulter, PhD, is available to discuss how to overcome the feelings--such as loss, pain, betrayal, disappointment and blame--that can overwhelm individuals when a marriage or serious relationship ends, and offer insightful and helpful guidance for moving on in a positive, improved way. Contact Prometheus Books at or 1-800-853-7545 for author contact information or to request press materials or a review copy of YOUR EX-FACTOR: OVERCOME HEARTBREAK AND BUILD A BETTER LIFE (ISBN 978-1-59102-724-9).

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