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Andalusian Parliament is the first European one with a documental search engine based on AI

University of Granada

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Researchers of the University of Granada have developed an intelligent engine searcher to catalogue the documentary collections of the Andalusian Parliament. This prototype, so called SEDA, is an information recovery system for structured documents, based on artificial intelligence techniques, to search and recover documents belonging to the Parliamentary Report and the Official Gazette of the Andalusian Parliament.

This prototype has been developed under the auspices of the excellence project of the Andalusian Council, under the title "Intelligent System for the access to the Documentary Collections of the Andalusian Parliament", and has been led by doctor Luis Miguel de Campos Ibáñez, professor of the Department of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Granada. This project has had the participation of researchers of the UGR, as well as the University of Almeria, and staff fro the personal Official Publications Service and the Computing Service of the Andalusian Parliament.

The most relevant parts

The objective of the project was to develop a search engine for the official documents edited by the Parliament, with capacity to recover complete documents and to determine which parts are the most important when it comes to satisfy a search posed by a user. Instead of recovering a complete parliamentary report, it recovers the most relevant parts (for example, interventions of a parliament member specifically), avoiding a waste of time for the user looking for the relevant parts of a specific document.

To that end, the search system designed at the UGR uses artificial intelligence techniques, specifically based on Probabilistic Graphic Models.

Another interesting feature is that, besides the documentary pieces, the search engine can recover videos connected with the relevant parts, providing the user with two search resources (text and video) and turning it into a multimedia system.

With this software, the autonomous chamber becomes a pioneer institution in its field, from the viewpoint of search technologies, as it is the only one among the nineteen autonomous parliaments and the two national chambers, equipped with such system. In addition, the institution is also a pioneer in this field in Europe.

The researchers in charge of this project have presented it recently to the members of the Documentation Service of the European Parliament, to whom they have explained the details of this new system.


Reference: Juan Manuel Fernández Luna. Department of Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Granada.
Phone number: +34 958 240804

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