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Positioning with awiloc



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Credit: Fraunhofer IIS

awiloc WLAN localization technology is software for navigation devices and mobile telephones. It makes use of the existing broad-coverage WLAN transmitters in cities and buildings. awiloc software on mobile terminal devices measure the received signal strength distribution of these WLAN transmitters and determines its own position on the basis of these values self-sufficiently (i.e. without data communications). Even if the radio networks are secured, positioning still works, because the devices do not have to connect. To determine position, the software uses an electronic map that contains the reference data using the received signal strength data of the anonymous WLAN transmitters.

"By using our comprehensive software kit, licensees can simply realize their own navigation and positioning solutions," confirms Steffen Meyer, responsible for the development of awiloc in the Communications Network Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS in Nuremberg. "This way, we create the opportunity for our partners to attain their own reference data and to offer new services. Partners who already have this application on their radars can license the already existing reference data of German city centers from us."

"Positioning is the precondition for a whole host of conceivable applications: for guiding systems for cities and museums; for unobstructed route guidance; for emergency services systems, which can immediately communicate the victim's location to the response team; for shopping, restaurant and cinema guides; or systems for convention visitors who are looking for a specific booth," explains Meyer. "Together with our partners, these solutions have already been realized in Germany. Now, it's time for applications in Europe to follow suit. Our established WLAN positioning testbed for technology development is increasingly becoming an open consortium seeking partners in Europe to jointly implement new location-based services."


The Windows Mobile and Android platforms are currently available for commercial users. Support for the iPhone will start by summer. Developed independently of platforms, this technology can be integrated with IIS licenses into conventional navigation and mobile cellular devices.

About awiloc:

awiloc technology is being advanced and applied by industrial corporations, users and research partners in an open consortium. Included among these partners are IT2media, Germany's leading provider and operator of indexing solutions; init, the leading supplier of telematics and electronic payment systems for buses and rail; Map and Route, supplier of maps and route services; and art2guide, a supplier of audiovisual command systems.

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