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60th Annual British Microcirculation Society Meeting

Featuring a specialised symposium on diabetic microandiopathy

The Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry

Delegates from all over the world will attend the 60th Annual British Microcirculation Society Meeting (ABMSM), which is to be held at the Peninsula Medical School in Exeter on 19th and 20th April this year.

The British Microcirculation Society has a membership of over 250 scientists, academics and clinicians with an interest in the circulation of blood and other tissue fluids in smaller vessels.

The 60th ABMSM will cover a number of topics including vascular smooth muscle, vascular adhesion molecules, stem cells, tumour microcirculation, leukocyte/platelet biology, inflammation, lymphatics, vascular permeability, microcirculation in diabetes, endothelial cell biology, angiogenesis and regulation of flow.

Speakers include experts from the Peninsula Medical School and other institutions in the UK and Europe. Key speakers include: Professor Sir John Tooke, University College London; Luigi Gnudi, King's College London; Rayaz Malik, University of Manchester; Alan Stitt, University of Belfast; Tony Adamis, New York; Etto Eringa and Max Nieuwdorp, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam; and Majid Kalani, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

Those wishing to attend can download a registration form by logging on at The page also has links to other information about the meeting.


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