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Rock stars of Jamaican geology

Geological Society of America


IMAGE: A new Memoir, "Jamaican Rock Stars, 1823-1971: The Geologists Who Explored Jamaica, " edited by Stephen K. Donovan, with contributions by Lawrence J. Chubb and John B. Williams, is now available... view more

Credit: Geological Society of America

Boulder, CO, USA - This new Memoir from The Geological Society of America presents seven essays detailing the colorful history of geological exploration in Jamaica through the work of notable researchers, or "rock stars," who uncovered the complicated geology of this Antillean island.

While focusing on individual scientists, the accounts in this volume paint a broad picture of over 120 years of geological studies in Jamaica. The theory and practice of geology in Jamaica was stimulated by each visitor, and over the years, knowledge of the island's geological history improved by major, albeit intermittent increments. Readers will learn about Sir Henry De la Beche's pioneering visit as a gentleman geologist; the first official survey and R.T. Hill's unique insight of Jamaica in an Antillean context; Wendell P. Woodring's great systematic achievement; the two battling mavericks, Charles A. Matley and Charles T. Trechmann in the 1920s and 1930s; and, after World War II, the establishment of the modern Geological Survey Division under Verners A. Zans. Also included is a tragic account of Lucas Barrett, who was only 25 when he died of the bends while studying Jamaican reefs.


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Jamaican Rock Stars, 1823-1971: The Geologists Who Explored Jamaica
Edited by Stephen K. Donovan, with contributions by Lawrence J. Chubb and John B. Williams
Geological Society of America Memoir 205, 108 p.
ISBN 9780813712055
$50.00, member price $40.00

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