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'Pretty much everything that happens under the UNFCCC or against it has a legal angle'

New journal Climate Law will aid the evolution of the study of climate law

IOS Press


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AMSTERDAM, June 22nd 2010 - "Pretty much everything that happens under the UNFCCC or against it has a legal angle," according to Dr. Alexander Zahar, Editor-in-Chief of the new journal Climate Law (ISSN 1878-6553, published by IOS Press).

Questions that will be addressed in Climate Law are: what regulations are being put in place at the international and national level to mitigate and cope with climate change? Which work well and which don't? What new legal principles are forming inside and outside the courtrooms?

The journal has been founded to aid the evolution of the study of climate law. Dr. Zahar writes in the inaugural issue: "The international regime's flagship law, the Kyoto Protocol, has taken a battering that's left it leaking and rudderless. The framework law to which it is appended seems by contrast to have been little affected by the new (or is it old?) dissonance, except of course in its assumption that the global problem will be solved by all the states working together."

The aim of the journal is to publish the best essays on climate law, governance and related ideas and experiences. The journal will be as much for non-lawyers as for lawyers; it will debate the contours of the field but also report from the field; investigative and theoretical and in-between pieces of any length by writers based inside or outside the academy will be considered for publication. The editors will insist on clarity and accuracy and engagement with a general audience.


About the journal

Climate Law (ISSN 1878-6553) will be published in 2010 in 1 volume consisting of 3 issues (Volume 1).

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Alexander Zahar is lecturer at Griffith Law School (Griffith University) in Australia.

The first issue is available as of today, free of costs:

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