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LA BioMed investigator, Dr. Christina Wang, spearheads study on potential new male contraceptive

LA BioMed

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 19, 2011) - Christina Wang, M.D., lead investigator at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) - one of the leading biomedical research institutes in the country - is currently working on a Phase I single dose and multiple dose study that tests the safety and tolerability of a new androgen dimethandrolone undecanoate that is being developed as a potential male contraceptive agent. The study is being funded by the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

Dr. Wang is looking at an oral version of the male hormone, dimethandrolone, that may also possess some action like progestin (a female hormone) and may be more effective than the male hormone alone in decreasing sperm production. Dr. Wang is working to develop a new agent since the male hormone presently cannot be delivered effectively by mouth. The oral pills that exist have traditionally been too short acting and cause a number of problems, including liver problems and changes in blood.

"Up until now, the responsibility for contraception has traditionally always been with the female," said Dr. Wang. "With these new contraceptive methods for males, the responsibility will be shared, and men may benefit in other ways by more frequent doctor visits and gaining a better understanding of their reproductive system."

Dr. Wang is a renowned andrologist/endocrinologist and a world leader in efforts to develop a safe, effective and reversible hormonal male contraceptive. In addition to this current study, she most recently completed a clinical trial in men whose sperm production was suppressed through a combination of hormones. Rather than take a testosterone injection, which would be quickly absorbed by the body, men applied a gel to their abdomens daily. Dr. Wang believes the hormones do work, but the challenge is determining the ideal dosages.


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Founded in 1952, LA BioMed is one of the country's leading nonprofit independent biomedical research institutes. It has approximately 130 principal researchers conducting studies into improved treatments and cures for cancer, inherited diseases, infectious diseases, illnesses caused by environmental factors and more. It also educates young scientists and provides community services, including immunization and childhood nutrition programs. LA BioMed is academically affiliated with the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and located on the campus of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. For more information, please visit

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