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More focus on men needed in HIV prevention


Edward Mills of the University of Ottawa, Canada and colleagues argue in this week's PLoS Medicine that the HIV/AIDS response in Africa needs a more balanced approach to gender, so that both men and women are involved in HIV treatment and prevention. Traditionally, targeted efforts at reducing the impact of the HIV epidemic have focused on women and children while men have received considerably less attention.

The authors say: "The epidemiological evidence is accumulating, and indicates that males in sub-Saharan Africa are not accessing HIV services as often as their female counterparts, and as a result, men have worse outcomes of care, including mortality... Programmatic efforts should account for this disparity."


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Citation: Mills EJ, Beyrer C, Birungi J, Dybul MR (2012) Engaging Men in Prevention and Care for HIV/AIDS in Africa. PLoS Med 9(2): e1001167. doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001167


Edward Mills
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario

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