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Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions, 6-Volume Set

Wiley is pleased to announce publication of the state-of-the-art, 6-volume Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions


Wiley is pleased to announce publication of the state-of-the-art, 6-volume Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions. This integrated reference collects otherwise scattered information on drug metabolism and interactions in one place for the first time. This book is a global effort, presenting more than 120 chapters by prominent authors from 11 different countries: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Japan, France, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Drug metabolism is the process of drug modification by the body. Specifically, it involves the study of enzymes that biochemically modify the drugs, how different drugs interact within the body, and how genetic and non-genetic factors, including genetic polymorphism, age, gender, diet, and disease state affect the way the body processes drugs and how drugs interact with each other. All of these factors mean that drug metabolism / interaction, and the chemical and biological aspects of metabolic transformations, are extremely important in new drug development.

The Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions discusses all preclinical, clinical, toxicological, chemical, regulatory, and marketing perspectives of drug metabolism and interactions. All aspects of drug metabolism and interactions are backed with a range of examples, in silico, in vitro, ex vivo, in laboratory animals, and in humans. The impact on drug metabolism of genetic differences and non-genetic factors, and of the types of enzymes that can be inhibited or induced, are described. This multi-volume encyclopedia also includes methods and detailed protocols describing how to perform studies of metabolism and drug interactions.

The Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions is an essential addition to all pharmaceutical, medical, and academic research libraries. Amongst the many users who will benefit from this 6-Volume Set are chemists, pharmacologists, pharmaceutical specialists, toxicologists, molecular biologists, and different levels of clinicians including practitioners and physicians. It is a must for researchers interested in all aspects of drug development.


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Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolism and Interactions, 6-Volume Set

November 2012 • $1550; CAN$1705; £1033; €1239.60 HC: 978-0-470-45015-4; Online: 978-0-470-92192-0

About the Author

Alexander Lyubimov is Director of the Toxicology Research Laboratory (TRL) and Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He has more than 30 years' experience in the fields of toxicology, bioanalytical chemistry and efficacy of drugs. Dr Lyubimov has presented his research results at more than 50 national and international scientific conferences, and has served as chair/president of several international conferences, including "Frontiers of Pharmacology and Toxicology" (2006), which he organized. He has more than 140 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, books and conference proceedings. Dr Lyubimov is a director and lecturer of the Principles of Toxicology course offered to UIC graduate students. He also delivers lectures to medical and pharmaceutical students in Drug Discovery, Design and Development, and Pharmacology.

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